FBI Seeking Info on DC/MD/VA Fraud Scheme

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is seeking information about the target of an investigation into fraudulent real estate transactions. In an effort to help law enforcement, ALTA and TAN have partnered with the FBI to ask title and settlement companies in the DC area to review their open and recently closed files for information.

Subject: Michael James Brooker

Potential properties involved: 1124 Morse Street NE, Washington, D.C. and 2228 13th Street NW, Washington, D.C.

Description of the fraud: According to the FBI, Mr. Brooker appears to use forged documents such as deeds, powers of attorney, and wills to claim an interest in real estate properties. Using these forgeries, Mr. Brooker attempts to conduct fraudulent real estate transactions, selling these false interests to unsuspecting buyers. These crimes have resulted in losses to the true owners, end-buyers, and title companies.

The request: The FBI is seeking information about potential transactions for the above properties and any other open or recently closed files involving Michael James Brooker.

The FBI is specifically interested in the structure of the potential settlements and documents used by Brooker to assert ownership interest in the properties.

Any title agents who have responsive data can contact Special Agent Tristan Hall of the Washington DC field office at the information below.

Tristan S. Hall
Special Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Northern Virginia Resident Agency
Desk: 703-686-6152

Note: The FBI is trying to catch Brooker in the act and therefore information should be shared directly with the FBI and not the public.

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