Title Talk Workshop with Connie Fuksa – earn 2 hours CE

July 11, 2018

9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Southern Maryland Association of REALTORS
8440 Old Leonardtown Road, Suite 211
Hughesville, MD 20637
$40 (members) $55 (non-members)

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Title Talk – Making Title Simple

Today’s consumers are smarter than ever, they do their own research and they are making their own choices. We as an industry are terrible about talking about what we do in simple terms.

Title Talk will teach you to explore and break down many of the intricate details of the title insurance/closing process that you deal with every day. These terms and details are things that consumers don’t understand, but that they want and need to understand to make the educated decisions they are looking for. We will teach you to translate your words into simple explanations any everyday person could understand!

Presented by Connie Fuksa

ConnieFuksa2018Connie Fuksa is an energetic speaker and facilitator and author who is on a mission to raise awareness of the value and purpose of title agencies and the intricacies of the title/closing process so that consumers can make more informed buying decisions.

As the head of her own title company for nearly 30 years, Connie knows the challenges of the title industry, but also sees the opportunities. She is pioneering a new way of doing business by empowering title companies to grow passionate teams and better communicate with consumers.

Connie also produces a regular broadcast that provides advice and home closing information directly to consumers.

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