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Why should a TIPIC join the MLTA?  That’s a question I get asked all the time.  Well, in my humble opinion, I believe it is good, to belong to any relevant organization, which can be a source of critical knowledge, practical education and industry advocacy.  The MLTA is exactly that.  Having been  the TIPIC Committee Chair since 2013, there have been many positive steps, which the MLTA has taken, to be more TIPIC friendly.

Since 2013, MLTA TIPICs have gone from being a Sub-Committee, to a fully recognized Committee, and now the CE Credits, which are required to maintain your TIPIC’s License, can be obtained FREE, as part of your MLTA Membership.  Many of these FREE CE Credits can be earned, right from the comfort of your home or office.  That is a real, tangible benefit.

As TIPICs, we can also participate in the MLTA Lobby Day, which gives us an open door, to many of our Legislators in Annapolis.  That day, we are able to pre-schedule meetings with various Lawmakers, and talk about real industry concerns.

There is also an awesome MLTA Annual Convention, which is an easy way to obtain more education and up to 8 CE Credits.  Usually held in Ocean City, MD, the Convention provides much needed Industry news, changes, updates and education.

There are other Networking events, including the Annual Crab Feast, and other opportunities to meet Title Company peers, which can be a great source of knowledge to any TIPIC.

In short, there are many reasons why a TIPIC should belong to the MLTA.  I would be very appreciative of any TIPIC, who is interested in helping the TIPIC Committee become more active.  It takes involvement, and we are a very small Committee at the moment.  So, please feel free to contact me, if you could be of help.  I don’t need a lot of your time, but maybe an hour or two a month.

Kit BatemanChristopher “Kit” Bateman,
MLTA TIPIC Committee Chairman
(410) 870-5656 – Cell

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